Tuesday, May 12, 2015

An Embarrassing Realization

This past Sunday was Mother's Day and we took the opportunity to sneak a peek at some old family photos to post here on the blog.  We even had Dr Dweeb, Sr scan some pictures for us on the pretext of a fictional school project for my 3 year old.  While looking through these old photos, we came to a world-shattering and extremely embarrassing conclusion about our family.  I am confident that we had both been pretty clear on our high levels of dweebiness as children but had both pretty much blamed it on genetics and upbringing.  Yep, a double whammy of nature AND nurture...or so we thought.  After looking through dozens of old family photos, it because very obvious that our parents were actually extremely glamorous and that we were the only true dweebs in this family.

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