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Once upon a time there was a little family.  In this family were a little girl and a little boy and a mommy and daddy.  The little boy and girl were ungrateful little twerps who fought all the time.  They seldom appreciated the perfect life and love that were given to them by their mommy and daddy.  As a matter of fact, the only time that the little boy and the little girl ever got along was on their amazing family vacations.  Even then, the little boy and little girl only bonded by making fun of their family trips, renaming the little family as the Dweeb Family.

Over time, the little boy and the little girl grew up.  As they grew up, they learned to appreciate their parents and even payed tribute to their parents, each in their own way.  The little boy became a doctor, just like his daddy, and the little girl traveled the world, just like her parents had taught her. They married and had little children of their own.  As the little family grew, the boy and girl formed a wonderful friendship, as did their husband and wife and children.

One day, the mommy and daddy (who will hereby be referred to as Dr. and Mrs. Dweeb) decided to take the whole Dweeb family (the little boy, his wife and 3 children, and the little girl, her husband and son) on a family vacation to Israel.

This blog will tell the story of this trip and was created as a tribute to Dr. and Mrs. Dweeb, who are truly the best parents that 2 ungrateful little twerps could ever have.

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