Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Falafel #1

One of my missions on this trip is a falafel quest. So, today we had our first falafel in Israel. After a ridiculously huge breakfast, and sampling Greek spreads and dolmas, amazing marzipan and meringues, cheese bourekas with hard boiled eggs and flavored rice (which could be its own post), we had to top it off with falafel and Sharma.

I don't know the name of the restaurant, but it was a good first Israeli falafel. It was a fresh and hot, a little chunkier than I'm used to, crispy outside and moist inside. A touch of something sweet. The salad toppings were great. Standard cucumbers and tomatoes, a carrot and parsley salad, and my favorite, roasted red peppers. They also had a super spicy red chili sauce, but nothing these Texans (except a couple) can't handle.

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