Sunday, June 14, 2015

Jerusalem: Day 3

Today we went to some old irrigation cave thingies from King David's time in the Old City in Jerusalem. Honestly, I am claustrophobic so it wasn't all that enjoyable for me, all though clearly most of the other dweebs loved it. How...?

Anyway, after the caves we did a bunch of other stuff in the Old City, and okay: some of it was pretty cool. We were kinda rushing at lunch but it was reeeeeeeeeeeeaaaally good. I had a שוורמא wrap that my uncle didn't finish. I could've easily eaten at least a whole one of them. Probably more.

Some time after lunch, most of the other dweebs went on another underground tunnel tour; this time of the כותל, I stayed behind with Mrs. Dweeb and our great guide, Shelly. She took us for some other stuff which was actually awesome. I got to do a lot of puzzle/logic/math/etc. type stuff which I loooooooooove. I figured out about how much the heaviest stone in the temple weighs (1,600,000 pounds) and how the temple was destroyed with fire (It was built of limestone, which has lots of pores and the smoke from the fire, which there was an excess of 'cause of the wood in between the blocks of stone, got into the pores and the smoke expanded because of the heat causing the stones to explode) and stuff like that.

But yeah anyway, today was pretty good and tomorrow is gonna be soooooooooooooooooooooo hot and tiring (Dead Sea, Massada, camel riding, etc.) I'm hoping for good dinner tonight.

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