Saturday, June 13, 2015

Jerusalem day 1

Yesterday, we drove from the north down to Jerusalem.   On the way we stopped at in Tzfat, my favorite Israeli town and, although we were not there long, we got a nice taste of the town (not literally this time).  We continued south stopping at a goat/cheese farm for a tasting.   This was not our favorite stop, but to be fair, it had some tough competition.  

Back on the bus for the long drive out of the green north, through the brown west bank and finally up to the golden city of Jerusalem.  

We enjoyed a top notch Shabbat dinner, where almost all of us enjoyed the kiddush wine, including a few first timers which gave us, and them, a nice giggle.
After dinner, we took the boys to Liberty Bell park until they shut off the lights and we took the hint to finally end our day.
We woke this morning, 2 hours later than normal to our much anticipated day off from touring.  The day certainly wasn't wasted as we returned to the park, then to the new train station mall area and then split up and all headed to the old city.

Rob, Hunter and I decided to check out the Christian quarter.   We were feeling a bit lost without a destination or map but enjoyed wandering the market labyrinths and eventually found the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.   I still need to read up on what the place is but it was amazing and ancient and Rob's first taste of this type of ancient architecture.   We let Hunter be our photographer and it turns out that we have a true artist in the family.

We finished the day with a great idea to get some takeout pizza to the park, only to find that the only nearby pizza place does not do takeout (I know, it's crazy, right?)  The pizza was delicious, though, and we are all in bed, resting up for our last 3 days which are sure to be busy and fun.

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