Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Reflections on Ayalon

Now it's my turn to be up at 3 am. So I'm taking advantage of the packet of Dead Sea bath salts from the hotel and enjoying a rare quiet bath.

Reflecting on our day, I am still amazed by the Ayalon Institute, a clandestine munitions factory that operated under a kibbutz. Literally, 24 feet underground. The complexity of the planning necessary to hide these operations underneath the laundry, taking on enough laundry business from the surrounding community to justify running the noisy washers for twelve hours a day, is something from spy novels. The precision on these operations puts OSHA to shame. The tiniest lapse in hand assembling the bullets would have caused a disastrous explosion. Yet in four years of operations there was only a single injury-causing error, when the young man in charge of cutting the brass casings to length accidentally cut off the tip of his finger. (The guide told me this was truly the only accident that occurred, unless you count the 41 babies conceived during this time.

I'm curious to see how this blog post formats. Apparently Google is defaulting to Hebrew now, and I had to translate the page before writing this post. As I type, the lines are composed right to left, as if I am typing in Hebrew. It's very disorienting and is throwing off my punctuation. I really did pass all of my English classes.

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