Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Most difficult/fun day

Today was truly the most emotionally exhausting day and the most fun.

While the grandparents took the kids to the biblical zoo, the other adults spent an emotional few hours at Yad Vashem, the halocaust museum.  I don't need to get into the details of the visit here except to say that it was necessary and tough and everyone should go if presented with the opportunity.

What I want to talk about was our archeological dig in the afternoon.   We arrived drained from this crazy week and tough morning but were quickly excited by the archeologists who took us down into the cave and set us loose digging for ancient artifacts.  Some of us have done these digs before and didn't expect much.  Immediately,  though, shouts of discoveries started echoing through the cave.  We were all quickly filling our "find buckets" with huge pottery shards and bones from 2000 years ago.  We were stunned at the sizes and amounts and in awe that we were digging in a live dig and making truly exciting discoveries.  Just as we were all planning our new careers as archeologists,  they announced that this phase was over and it was time to bring our buckets of dirt to the surface for sifting.  We were all pretty disappointed and slowly made our way to the sunlight with our buckets. ..again, with low expectations to find anything else.

As Rob , Hunter, Noah and I started to sift our first bucket, I picked up a tiny black something that I figured was another tine piece of charcoal when I realizedthat it had an interesting shape.  Upon closer inspection,  I realized that it was a bead.   I handed it to the real professionals and continued my sifting.  A few moments later, I heard excitement and turned around to see that they had cleaned off the bead and it revealed gold stripes.  It was beautiful!  

To finish the experience,  we crawled and climbed through a cool underground tunnel. 

Of everything we have experienced here, this dig was hands-down my favorite.

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